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Q: Will Gold Members receive first options for lessons and camps?

A: Yes they will. 

Q: Why are on ice lessons only May 15th-August 15th included in the Gold and Silver package?

A: We know we can fulfill the promise of having enough options for our families in those times. Ice becomes harder to get in the winter months. 

Q: Are the on ice lessons 1 on 1?

A: Every on ice lesson is 1 on 1 unless we communicate ahead of time. 

Q: Does your membership cover both the Illinois and Missouri facility?

A: Yes it covers both locations. 

Q: How many camps will be held May 15th-August 15th?

A: We will have at least a 3-5 day camp pretty much every week.

Q: How many lessons should a player take May 15th-August 15th weekly?

A: We plan on having enough availability for each person to take three 30-minute lessons. We reserve the right to help families plan, we don’t want anyone over-training. 

Q: How many people per off ice skill sessions?

A: Each off ice skill session will be limited to 6-8 players, always by age. 

Q: How many people per work out session?

A: Each work out session will be limited to 6-8 players as well, always by age. 

Q: What does "off ice skills session" mean?

A: Off Ice skill sessions will be run by our coaches, and each day will be a different theme. It could be shooting, passing, working on having your head up, etc at either off-ice facility. 

Q: How long am I committed for on this membership?

A: This is a 12 month commitment. It will be paid automatically with our sign up each month. 

Q: What camps are included in the Gold Membership?

A: Every camp May 15th-August 15th is included, including Super camp and Christmas Camp that Elite Hockey runs. This does not include anything we do through organizations for Spring, Fall, etc 


All locations are open to 14U and younger players, with everyone being divided properly between age/skill to make sure each player develops while attending the camp.


There are 3 Christmas Camp locations to choose from: